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Young millennial professionals, college grads, as well as up-and-coming business leaders are being encouraged to take bigger and bigger risks these days. At home, in school, on the job - these entrepreneurial free spirits are inundated with direct and indirect messages that the path to success involves dreaming up the next big idea and then quitting their jobs and taking a leap of faith to make those ideas reality. Often times, these grandiose actions begin with little or no practical knowledge on how to successfully accomplish this momentous task. These young Gen Y'ers are being hammered with the concept that with big risks, come the big rewards. The success stories of Jack Dorsey, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg are being held up as practical examples these young people should emulate. The challenge, however, is that these dreamers are not being taught how to transform the risk into success. There is very little practical guidance being offered, other than platitudes such as 'don't be afraid to fail'! But, what if we could examine the differences and commonalities of ultra-successful millennial entrepreneurs and uncover the 9 traits or best practices that separates the successful risk-taker from all of those poor souls who Dared Mighty Things and ended up limping back to that uninspiring job?

This new "field guide" will solve that riddle for this huge demographic. The statistics are overwhelming supportive of the need for such a book. Today there are more than 84 million millennials in the United States alone, comprising 25% of our total population. This generation, the largest in history by pure size, is also the most educated with 35% holding at least a bachelor's degree. Today they comprise more than half of the workforce, and by 2023 every three out of four people in the workforce will be a millennial. And yet they are disenfranchised, misunderstood anda unsure of how to proceed.

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