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If you could take 400+ years of leadership development and studies, and summarize them in three comprehensive steps, would you?

If you had very easy access to living examples of incredible leadership, would you want to add the benefits of their experiences to your own skill set?

If you could consistently motivate your team, colleagues or members to give their utmost best efforts at all times without stressing yourself out, wouldn't you want to know how?

More than 25 years ago Stephen P Brown began his working career in one of the world's longest-surviving high-pressure leadership roles, and has consistently applied the principles he learned to jobs in charitable, Corporate, manual labor, small and large businesses, government and education.

Using an analogy all adults can relate to, Brown shares with us the three consistently useful techniques that have proven themselves time and time again to be the most effective way to lead a group of people. They work just as well now as they did 400 years ago.

Intrigued? Read on.

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