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Your Knight awaits:
She had something, that none of her friend's, had? She was like, the parrot repeating. her words, over and over, again, & he was over me & over me again & again..I was singing wearing Robin-red-velvet.Sleigh-bell's ringing.Christmas tree Victorian-lace doll's under the misteltoe I felt he crushed me. I think I am going out of my head over you,over you?She had a man who loved her warrior but not completely?Thing's alway's get in the way.This was something singing I'm coming out I want the world to know good people are in this, Lunar planet, booting up my brain like a computer.Something confusing to process, my computer I felt like banging it, I was surfing so long seeing his picture with someone else the song was embedded in my brain, Sheryl what's to crow about.Robin it was so easy like a fly by bed night.."I apple phone" it sing's why is everything so descriptive it's the new year we need to work harder more

expressive.Maybe next year,why can't we make up our mind's. We are Warrior's not vampire's please god dont open up those blind's or you die,if you don't play your bloody apple's right.He cupped, my special blend, pep me read me fast pencil me with slow & smooth Sage pillow-talk..Vengenance is a powerful knight of a word like the moon power to shift.How had someone mortal kill a warrior,without them talking They knew the person inside out to know why. Something, femminine, was beginning to bloom, when he left the sea.

Walking on sunshine song moon-lady going to the Mystic seaport in beautiful Connecticut so experimental testing all sexual enhancement wines bloody oceans no Jeanie warrior battle. Coming to terms.Mystic Warrior, losing your memory, what happen to your sex life missing sparks, what's in the year 2020,who will be president?Will it be Warrior sword through the white Forest Gump house & Sage dreaming what happen to Trump? Dictator's Adolf slicing mustaches How do you revive your sex life?It's all in the Lunar Moon

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