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The title pretty much speaks for itself. If you are just joining the internet rat race, or if you are still looking for that ever illusive piece of cheese, this book was created to help you find it faster. Or hopefully a better slice.

This book is meant to be read at your pace and in whatever order you see fit. It is not necessary to know one section or concept, to benifit from another.

About the Author

Social media provocateur. Futurist. Innovator. All of these terms aptly describe Jacob Young, the entrepreneur who recently was named a “Top 50 Entrepreneur” in 2010 for, an elite group of entrepreneurs, investors and speakers who gather yearly to fund the most promising new business ideas. Jacob’s concept, JobPodTM was designed to streamline the front-end interview function for human resources departments

Other projects in final stage to launch include Limo MagicTM, a unique limousine service, a new character toy and accessory line called ComicsOn UniverseTM, in partnership with Eisner Award-winning comic book artist and #1 Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman, a new company, Young Dorman Media, and final negotiations with the number one ranked advertising firm online, establishing Young Enterprise’s first international reach and exposure to Asia and European countries.

Aside from his business ventures, Jacob Young is a sought after consultant with small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 businesses on cutting-edge Web development, a beta tester for emerging technologies, and an informed-yet-opinionated brand management and marketing expert. As president and CEO of Young Enterprises LLC and its subsidiary, Young Social Media, Jacob Young specializes in SEO--viral and organic optimization—and online reputation management. He has consulted for some of the dotcom and entertainment world’s best-known household names, none of whom he can discuss. A trusted and proven trend spotter, he can discuss where social media, social networking and social marketing will be five years from now, and how to help your brand exploit emerging technologies…most of which he has personally helped develop.

Jacob Young’s heart is in helping not-for-profit organizations raise funds. Young believes, that "giving back is critical to business success.” He guides his clients in creating synergies between their business and their communities. He also walks the talk. Fifty percent of all net profits from his Young Social Media projects are donated to worthy causes and charities.

Additionally, Jacob’s work experience includes his role as Online Social Media Coordinator for SLS Hotels where he increased review rankings by 60% within the first five weeks and maintained a 98% Five Star Rating; General Manager of Design Management Company where he used his strategic alliances to affect the overall growth and profitability for both DMC and its existing network; Web Designer at Metropolitan Community Church; Creative Director and Founder of Young Multimedia, LLC where he cultivated 36 client contracts within the first three months of operation and executed the purchase of more than 700 domain names for brand acquisitions; Director of Marketing and Promotions for Faber Business Management where his promotional strategies helped grow profitability for night clubs and restaurants; National Events Manager for the National Association for College Admission Counseling where he developed and deployed marketing processes systems that positively affected their bottom line and growth; Campus Entertainment Chairman for Abilene Christian University where he created the still popular “The World’s Largest Slip ‘n’ Slide Event” on their football field; Director, International Relief for Turkish Earthquake Victims where he raised awareness and streamlined the logistics for getting supplies directly to the needy.

Jacob Young is working on two social media D-I-Y books, including “You Can Lead a Horse to Water, But You Can’t Make Him Link.” He also has books in progress discussing the not-so-new, yet still emerging field of "Social Media Optimization," and the dangers of email distribution lists. His irreverent new book “I Wrote This Book on the Toilet” is a brain dump of his witticisms and wildly brilliant and innovative ideas. Plans are underway for his “Outside of the Box? There IS No Box!” nationwide tour, getting the rest of the world up to speed on where we are and where we are headed in the social media tsunami.

Young is a Certified Expert in multiple disciplines, including non-profit marketing, internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by Expert Rating, an ISO 9001:2008 Company.Young recently became a registered author at the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and is a frequent contributor to and a pundit to journalists writing on social media, marketing and branding topics.

Social Media Optimization, Social Media Campaign Development, Branding, NFP Marketing, Social Marketing, Fund Raising, Reputation Management Online, Brand Management
Certified Expert: Non-Profit Marketing, Internet Marketing, and SEO by Expert Rating.

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