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Roots help us define our backgrounds. Different cultures and traces of our ancestors become a part of our identity. The temptation that blinds us, envy that possesses us, and the revenge that boils in our hearts symbolize humanity. The title of this book symbolizes humanity. We are all crookedly aligned. We make horrible choices, yet we learn to live with them. We are humans trying to make a living while obstacles impede our progress.
The collection of poems within this book reflects the hardships that we face and overcome. It reflects the many challenges that life throws at us, yet we persevere. Despite being crookedly aligned, and contradicting ourselves, we somehow find a way to make it to the finish line. The ways that the poems’ are justified on the pages symbolize how our minds shift from one thought to the next. It portrays how unstable life is and how fragile humans are.
By reading this book, the reader will be able to understand that to be crookedly aligned is to be perfectly imperfect. It is to live by hope, despite affliction. The reader will understand that to be crookedly aligned, is to be human.

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First Edition
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, White Matte (50#), b&w interior, 130 pages