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B Street Family Ties is the result of many first hand interviews with Millie Cannon and other various family members of jazz vibraphonist legend Lem Winchester. Millie is Lem's sister. They both added to the rich history of Wilmington, Delaware's music scene. Millie mesmerized audiences with her silky smooth vocals. It was after an audition with a major jazz artist, and the death of a famous jazz childhood friend, as well as the death of her brother Lem, that Millie decided the touring circuit was not for her. However, Millie did not stop singing and she never grew tired of being the host of the jazz jam sessions for her family and friends.

Author Shirley D. Scott unfolds raw, sensitive, personal accounts from the people who knew Lem best. His child, nieces, nephews, and siblings will forever love and miss Lem. Although there are many opportunities to capture Lem's music in this twentieth century, this is the only family recognized private account of Lem's interesting life prior to and after his famous Newport Jazz debut.

Lem's only living child, William (Bill) Winchester is appreciative of the long overdue embrace surrounding his father's life. Shirley has humbly brought to you the many stories and opinions entrusted to her. She also shares the unfortunate side of what she and Lem have in common.

B Street tells of the compassionate complex innocence of Lem Winchester the boy, in hopes that you will join in embracing Lem Winchester, the man.
This is only the beginning of what will be a lasting tribute to the life of Millie Cannon and Lem Winchester.

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