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Pictured on the cover, in his younger, more athletic years before he ventured into stand-up comedy and literally tried his hand at writing, Jon D. Webster is seen sporting the coveted green jacket awarded to all Masters Tournament winners. He was the youngest champion on record and per his request, the first in the tournament's history and quite possibly the last to celebrate his win with a Mickey Mouse balloon.

As for the content of this book, here is a sneak preview. As Shang Tsung said in Mortal Kombat. "And now for a taste of things to come."

I'm an incurable insomniac. I like to say that sleep and I have a strained relationship. In the evening she plays hard to get and in the morning she's clingy. I actually have to take prescription sleeping pills in order to fall asleep. On my bottle of prescription sleeping pills, there is a warning label which says "May cause drowsiness." No. It had better cause drowsiness. That's what I'm paying for.

Frequently, on the interstate, I will see signs that say "Expect potholes. Use caution." I think they need to replace those signs with what they really want to say. They need to put up some signs which say "We really fucking don't feel like fixing the road."

Recently, someone I know moved into a new house. When they moved in, there was a sticker on the front door which said "This property protected by angels." Not ADT. Not a home security system. Angels. I told them I think they need to remove that sticker because nothing makes a would-be robber say "We're gonna rob this place" quicker than a sticker that says "This property protected by angels."

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