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Xaleyp Vah’Aris is the first of the latest generation of the Vah’Aris family, whose newfound wealth was a result of taking advantage of the ever growing information technology industry. Empires quickly take note of his innate leadership ability and combat prowess—empires that will want to capture and even kill him—as he contemplates a way to dismantle the current galactic hierarchy by placing himself at the head of it.

The start of his path of conquest leads to many perilous adventures, turning his entire universe and all he knows upside down. He must learn to differentiate between friend and foe, as well as what really happened to his family, in order to correct the out of control spiral he calls his life.

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First Edition
5.5x8.5, Hardcover with Gloss Jacket - Case Blue Cloth, creme, b&w interior, 320 pages