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" We want your commitment on schedule,we can not afford to miss the date to launch our product and it is crucial to us ? "

" Can you share loss with us, if we exceed sanctioned budget ? "

" Will you pay us for your wrong design, what it costed us ? "

These are the tough questions to answer , but there is no other way but to face it. Business is no longer easy in engineering consultancy world and clients are more forthright in asking what they want from the service provider. In these situations how one does business in overall sense and how one runs the day to day decisions effectively matters the most. Success depends more on attitude and the mind set of the team and leader rather the technical skills and expertise alone.

Project Manager lives his career which is always on brink of extremities and needs to develop sharper mindset for decision making. Having a right set up, procedures, facilities is not enough but desire to achieve the results and ability to remain restless until you are able move the decisions and actions the way you think is right is a must. Carrying team with you and challenging the abilities to produce results is not enough but continually lifting the bar of expectations as and when it is possible to achieve project goal is required. Fire in the Belly is quality which makes person get charged up to reach such level of commitment

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