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Many nights when I felt uneasy because of the circumstances I was in, I would remind myself of the true character of God by writing down every word that flowed out of my heart. In writing this book there was never a time when I had to analyze how I felt or reflect on my thoughts. I could hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking to me, bringing me peace, and transforming my mind as I wrote down every word.
Personally I feel like I share the experience of a reader every time I recite these poems and prayers. I often thought about King David, who found himself in the “temple” of God when he wrote hymns to the Lord. I found myself having a similar experience as I began to write this book and I relived every moment when I read it.
In writing “Hear the Cries of My Heart” I wanted to inspire others to seek Jesus with a fervent spirit when they’re faced with difficulties. In the book of Acts, the Apostle Paul urges us “that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God” (Acts 14:22, King James Version). Every mighty man and woman of God was made by persevering through every harsh situation they were faced with. Our challenges in life are vital for our spiritual growth.

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