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I wrote this book of poems in honor of my friend, Karolina. I never thought in a million years that I would write a book for a friend until I met her. She is the type of friend that is rare, hard to find, and the one that you hold onto for eternity. Before I met her, I acquired a brain injury two years prior and every day is either good or bad; there’s no in between. To this day, I suffer from the common side effects including seizures, inability to communicate on occasion, and sensitivities to the outside world but she is always there to hold my hand in the darkness when there is no light visible. It has been an incredible(one year) journey through thick and thin with this intelligent young woman and I look forward to the rest of our journey lying ahead of us. I want not only for her to know but to anyone who wishes to fulfill this pathway of life with me, how it is okay to break the rules of writing and if a thought belittles you... to just write it down. Remember, it’s not how long it takes you, it’s about who you are meant to be! We all look up at the same stars every night and point to one that shines the most. I pointed to my friend Karolina one night and she never stopped lighting up the night sky since then...

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