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Living in an unknown world, Elenora Whitefield has lived with fairies, elves and other creatures people think are mythical. She has lived a happy life till a shocking truth came through her. That one truth leads to a million truths. One dangerous situation leads to a million dangerous situations. With a mysterious friend Elenora doesn't know about, and a book that talks, and protects the two girls, Elenora is whisked off into an adventure. She faces life and death situations, and has to make impossible decisions, which leads her to more worse things. She has to go fast because time is ticking and she has to accomplish her mission, and save herself from people trying to kill her. With twists and turns, she hopes to end up learning her true identity. One truth, one truth, lead to all this situations good or bad. She has never faced this anything like this. She was adventurous, but when her wish came true, she regrets it and doesn't want it to be so complicated. Elenora does not know who she except that she is Elenora Whitefield. While trying to accomplish her mission she has to find her true identity, not a girl living in the woods and enjoying, but all the proof that she has about herself is all, sweet dreams.

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First Edition
6x9, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, creme, b&w interior, 62 pages