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Enter a much darker side of Colorado, among is beautiful landscapes, mountains, and mystical healing waters, there are things lurking in the night. There are many haunted mansions, castles, apartments, inns, parks, hotels cemeteries, B & B's, museums, theatres and houses.
These are stories taken from a ghost hunter’s journal of true ghostly investigations backed with historical information as well as photographic evidence. The ghost hunter explores many scary locations and encounters several different types of hauntings such as intelligent hauntings, residual hauntings, poltergeist activity, demonic activity, apparitions, and shadow figures.
Many of the haunted places she visits pose unanswered questions that she seeks out in her constant quest for ghosts. What evil entity terrified two Doberman Pinschers to leap out the window and commit suicide, and one to cower in a corner and go insane at the Croke- Patterson Mansion? Who mysteriously murdered two young girls at the Lumbar Baron Inn? Do their spirits remain looking for justice? Why are there so many figures in bloody bandages roaming the grounds of Cheeseman Park? Does the spirit of the unsinkable Molly Brown still wander the hallways of her mansion? Why are there so many ghostly miners with missing limbs, and headless doctors wandering the fourth floor of the Victor Hotel? How did the Henry Treat Rogers House inspire the author to write the horror movie "The Changeling". Why do so many spirits remain at the beautiful, historic Brown Palace Hotel. These and many more intriguing stories are revealed from the pages of the ghost hunter’s journals.

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