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THE cloak of mysteries will be open to you now

My mom used to say “Close the door or you’ll let all the roaches out”. She liked the dark and enjoyed the supernatural. She told me I was “much more powerful than her.” I was 3 at the time.
My mother was a real witch with the ability to predict the future she was a real gypsy. Doesn’t sound like a big deal but it is. She’s is also extremely lazy and doesn’t clean up after herself. Although she does bathe everyday -- Go figure.
Something is happening in 2018 unlike any other time in history. And you’re aware of it right now. You just have a hard time putting your finger on it. I’m going to make it clear what that is.
Do I have special attributes and abilities? Yes. Do I use them everyday? NO. I’m forbidden to or I will be destroyed. The time is coming when I will use them. Let me put it to you this way. I don’t need a gun -- EVER.
I’m forbidden right now to show my face as you will not find me on any google search engines. There are 0 pictures of me. That’s the way it’s supposed to be for now. The movie Logan is loosely on human beings like me but uses witchcraft and mind games for the yes men and women of our demented world. But the storyline (for the most part) is fake, as we don’t have metal coming out of our hands. We wouldn’t need to if we can control our environment now would we? How silly tell-lie-vision is. Remember everything anyone “can do” is BORROWED. We don’t have any special abilities without GOD or god.
The words I have chosen are not perfect but they are from my heart and from the source of everything. I’m 10 years old and have a lot to say. I’m more than just a boy. I’m a real messenger lead to you now. And I will prove all these things. Keep reading.

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