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Robert (Bob) Stock served in the United States Army during World War II ad later Graduated with Honors from Penn State University with a B.S. decree in mechanical engineering. He worked for General Electric Company for thirty six years. After retiring from General Electric, he taught mathematics at Brandywine Campus of Penn State University for thirteen years.

When Jean Stock (Jean Veil) was secretary to the supervising principal of the high school, she became Bob's steady girl friend while he was still a member of the senior class. They were married two years later when Bob was in the Army, had seventy years together and adopted four children. While Bob was working for G.E., Jean worked as a secretary for G.E. part time. She also worked as a bank teller.

The only formal education either had in writing was a night course in creative writing they took early in their marriage. This book grew from that course and their love for each other through the years.

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