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Memory Delta 4 is another book about David Chlebowski's personal memoirs as he describes certain personal experiences in his life. He writes his personal experiences from April 7, 2021, to December 20, 2021, as he seeks to deal with his loneliness and with his social aspects of life. Like everyone else, he tries to find answers in dealing with his loneliness while he works on improving his social skills and his communication skills. He tends to write what has happened to him in his life as he seeks to make some new friends only when necessary. David finds out about his loneliness although he learns that he has been forced to suffer from loneliness in silence. He only hopes to find some new friends in the process although he has been stymied by certain circumstances. He tries to find himself a girlfriend during the story although he sees that he would be isolated for a long time. And he perceives himself as very alone. Will he find his 5th girlfriend, or will he find himself alone and isolated in his life?

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8.5x11, Paperback - Perfect Laminate Gloss, White Matte (50#), b&w interior, 237 pages