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•Learn to pin-point exactly what your Soul is yearning for.
•Know what it takes to unlock your Spiritual Nudges with ease.
•The secret revealed about the meaning of life.
•Learn efficient ways, with consistent focus on how to practice to delete bad habits.
•Learn how to remove competition-thinking and delete ego behaviors.
•Master how to attract Universal Love and Spirituality in your Heart and Soul.
•Positive ways on how to get rid of limitation-thinking.
•An easy, effective way to manifest anything you want in life, just by practicing Good Habits.
•Tips on how to utilize your awareness and consciousness to become more Joyous in life.

This ebook will teach you on how to live with Positive aspects in your daily life and about the puzzling things going on in our everyday subconscious thoughts. We can share with you on how to rearrange your subconscious thought processes. How to open, expand, and interpret your mind Spiritually with Love. To calibrate your mind to your Higher Awareness and connect with your Higher-Self, your Soul and eventually with The Cosmic Central Consciousness – God. This ebook can help teach you on how to manifest Positive things in your life, and how to achieve Universal Love and Cosmic Wisdom in your Heart. It all has to do with your lifelong bad habit formations and limitations.

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First Edition
PDF eBook
5.5x8.5, 191 pages